Repeal the Gas Tax & Promote Common Sense Infrastructure Spending

It’s no secret that Orange County freeways keep getting more and more congested.  It’s both a quality of life issue and an economic issue.  More must be done to relieve congestion but raising taxes is not the answer.

Gas prices in California are already among the highest in the nation and gas taxes disproportionally impact families in suburban areas like Orange County.  Our families cannot afford even higher gas prices or vehicle registration fees. I support repealing the gas tax scheme that Sacramento passed earlier this year.  I will also oppose all future efforts to increase the gas tax and vehicle license fees.

Raising taxes is not the solution – there are plenty of dollars available to fix our highways if Sacramento politicians better prioritize our money.

That is why we must put an end to the wasteful spending on high speed rail.  High speed rail was sold to California voters on empty promises. As deadlines have been moved, federal dollars matching evaporated, and the project’s budget ballooned, it has become clear that this scheme has quickly turned into a fantasy.  And yet the state continues to waste millions of dollars every month.  I will fight to stop this wasteful spending and instead support highway and water supply improvements that offer proven returns.